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What’s going on with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act? How should you handle cutting back hours at work vs quitting when at retirement age? What’s the impact of bankruptcy on retirement? Retire Hour answers all this and more.

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Intro: 0:00

Financial Advisors: Treat Your Retirement Like The Family Pet – 0:21

Financial Advisors: Substantially Equal Periodic Payment – 9:13

Listener Question: Bankruptcy And Its Effect On Retirement – 17:42

Medicare Advisor: Cutting Back Hours Instead Of Quitting Work – 24:41

Eidelman Law Advisor: Second-Generation Trust – 33:39

CPA: Tax Cuts And Jobs Act – 41:33

Credits: 47:20

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Retire Hour is a weekly radio show and podcast. This financial education resource is for those approaching retirement, or seeking knowledge investing, income planning, taxes, medicare and estate planning.

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